If you want to argue this case as an exception to the rule be my guest i already said you could be right anyway. Considering the fact that i read the piece months ago and there was a significant break in this conversation I will let your slight at my reading comprehension go. Besides, I already told you a couple times now you can be right. I honestly don�t care anymore providing you put no words in my mouth. What a bunch of nonsense!He rode a white horse?Gee nobody else in the west could have done that!He paid informants with silver coins?As opposed to what?He was a master of disguises?Like Charlie Siringo?He used a Native American tracker?Like the entire U. S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart made his infamous statement about obscenity and pornography, "that he would need to see it to know it as such," he, then and there, offered a pernicious license to film makers and pornographers to produce the most violent and morbid films and magazines for the American viewing public to watch and read, in order to make their own individual determinations about their pornographic and obscene content. I, for one, was very offended by the movie, and I sincerely hope that there were others who are feeling and thinking the same way. As a final note, if the original Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, and the original Tonto, Jay Silverheels, could see the current movie, and what damage a 21st Century America has done to their moral legacy, they, both, would probably turnover sadly in their graves with their most definitely down. Moore and Silverheels considered themselves much more than actors. They considered themselves role-models.

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