Having thought long and hard about it, George Trendle realized that they should major on drama. It was relatively low cost and he was lucky enough to have access to talented and prolific writer Francis Striker and Jim Jewell's drama group. Trendle also realized that they needed a hero. One day he grabbed Fran Striker and asked him to come up with some ideas around the theme of a wild west hero who would appeal to kids; someone how would be wholesome - and be on the right side of the law. Jim Jewell was also asked to pitch in. Trendle encouraged his team to think big. A lot was at stake. Many on the station had been let go; others were on a reduced salary while many worked on a promise without even being on the payroll. Revenue had slumped as the big national shows were no longer being aired and, worst still, advertising budgets were being slashed as the recession was turning into a depression. Trendle thought the hero of the new show should be a lone, mysterious figure; someone who is strong enough to fight for his principals but who is kind at heart. He had a vision of Robin Hood and Zorro and wanted someone in between the two, set in an historic western setting.

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