They get to the steam engine, where they find Dan, and attempt to stop the train. They realize that the train can't be stopped, and separate the passenger cars from the steam engine. The steam engine, alone, derails at the end of the track, nearly killing Tonto and John in the process. Having been unchained during the crash, Tonto begins to walk away, only to be stopped by John, who latches himself around Tonto's leg. Dan catches them both, and since Tonto was in the prison car, he's assumed to be a criminal, arrested and taken to the town jail. John and Dan's next mission is to track down and arrest Butch. Dan is fine with finding him and killing him on the spot, but John insists that Butch must be captured alive and tried in a court of law. Dan kisses Rebecca, who appears to have a crush on John, deputizes his brother, says goodbye to Danny and takes off after Butch, with John and 6 other Texas Rangers. Along the way they pass a noble all white horse standing on a bluff, overlooking the valley. Dan explains to John that the Comanche Indians theorize that the white horse is a spirit animal, able to cross over from the living world to the dead one. John asks where Dan learned about native customs, and Dan reveals that he's spent the last several years working with the Comanche Indians, and has taken a shining to their culture.

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