As a case in point, the recent 2013 Disney movie, "The Lone Ranger," is a certainly a movie that should have been rated "R" for violence and morbidity. I saw this movie with an adult friend, three years my junior, and I was shocked by what I, both, saw and heard during the showing. Just because the movie story was told by a mystical old Indian, in a side-show, to a young boy dressed-up with a mask like the "Lone Ranger,"; and just because the dry humor elicited by the Indian character Tonto, portrayed by Johnny Depp, seemed to provide a very thin veneer over the profound lack of moral virtue displayed throughout the movie, the motion picture conveyed some deeply convoluted themes that would serve to disturb and perplex most adults and surely the preadolescent minds of most young children. The graphic violence and morbidity portrayed in the movie by actor William Fitchner, in the character of Butch Cavendish, was as graphic, or, perhaps, more graphic, as that played by Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence of the Lambs," and "Hannibal. " Cannibalism, murder, vengeance, and gross immorality were the only attributes conveyed by the character Butch Cavendish. The idea placed in the viewers' minds that Cavendish was, above all else, a cannibal preceded the scene that turned the morbid suggestion into a reality when Cavendish killed the brother of John Reid, Texas Ranger Dan Reid, played by James Badge Dale, gutted him with a knife, and ate his heart. As Ranger Reid's brother, John Reid, portrayed by Armie Hammer, which I doubt is his real name, opened his eyes, and a reflection of Cavendish eating his brother's heart appeared in one of his eye for the viewers to see, the vivid remembrance of the scene in "Hannibal" where Hannibal Lector served-up character Paul Krendler's, Ray Liotta's, brain came to mind. Furthermore, frequent close-up murders, the utterly-graphic blood-letting, the awful scene of military Gattling guns killing all of the Comanche warriors, and, worst of all, the suggestion, transformed into a bold proclamation, that violence and killing is justified when all else fails to provide true justice made the movie into an "R" rated feature akin to a James Bond or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. My younger friend, with whom I saw the movie, very much liked the graphic portrayals of sex, blood, violence, and morbid cannibalism, and said that it didn't bother him, at all, that it was produced and made by Disney. He looked at the issues purely from a financial point of view, saying that Disney had a right to make the kind of movies that would appeal to adults more than children; and that it was the parents' responsibility to determine if their children should see it. My polemic response to him was based upon what parents had expected from Disney in an earlier age to provide uplifting entertainment for their children.

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