John is blind folded and placed in front of a firing squad, at the command of Captain Fuller. Butch's men order all the migrant workers out of the mine, so the train can pass through. A single migrant saunters out of the mine, holding a cage with a dead bird inside. "GAS!" shouts the train conductor. He reverses the train, and indirectly pushes a train car between John and firing squad, saving him. The old man, with the dead bird was Tonto. He saves John, just as a volley of arrows comes streaking in from the mountain side. The real Comanches are attacking the miners. Fuller is ordered to retaliate, and orders the cavalry to mow down the horde of Comanches with a machine gun. Hundreds are killed in the chaos, but John and Tonto manage to escape into the mine. Butch chases after them, and throws lit dynamite after them.

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