It appears to showcase as many stuntmen as it does digital compositors. " Mark Hughes of Forbes, analyzing what he felt was a "flop hungry" press desiring to "control the narrative and render the outcome they insisted was unavoidable" for a highly expensive movie with much publicized production troubles, found the film "about a hundred times better than you think it is . well written, well acted, superbly directed adventure story. It's a wonderful movie!"Frank Lovece, writing for Film Journal International, addressed critics' concerns over the film's tone by pointing out that, "he movie is told in flashback from the perspective of a wizened, quite eccentric character � the working definition of the film school trope 'the unreliable narrator. ' . Whatever really happened out on the frontier, this is the story as Tonto remembers it, animist mysticism and all. "Jonathan Kim of The Huffington Post originally gave a negative review of the film, but later re reviewed the film and felt it had "beautiful widescreen cinematography" but did have lots of problems, he names the running time and "graphic violence that stretch the PG 13 boundaries" as the main problems. Overall he felt that The Lone Ranger "deserves credit for making Tonto a full character equal to John Reid, as well as emphasizing the greed, cruelty, and broken treaties used to take American Indians' rightful land, as well as their lives. "Lone Ranger doesn't necessarily have a first name. In the radio series where he first came from, his first name was never revealed, his last name is Reid though. Eventually though, his name was revealed in an origin story in 1962.

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