They board the train, rob its occupants, and kill the engineers before locking the train at full speed. John, overhearing gunshots and footsteps above, gets out of his seat to investigate. He breaks into the prisoner car where he finds Tonto and Butch about to kill one another. John disarms them both, announces himself as the district attorney, and forces them to surrender. Suddenly the train car's doors slide open, revealing Butch's gang waiting for him. They chain up Tonto and John, free Butch and take off while the train careens past the train station at full speed. Dan and his posse saddle up and head after the train. On board Tonto manages to separate his chains from the train car, and upon realizing that he and John are chained together, takes John with him to the front of the train. Along the way they take out a pair of Butch's gang members. They get to the steam engine, where they find Dan, and attempt to stop the train. They realize that the train can't be stopped, and separate the passenger cars from the steam engine.

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