My polemic response to him was based upon what parents had expected from Disney in an earlier age to provide uplifting entertainment for their children. Why hadn't it been made by Disney's Touchstone studio, to accompany its other utterly violent movies? Why did it have to have the Disney logo on it? Fortunately, my friend had never been in war to see, close-up, his comrades actually killed and decimated; he had never been a peace officer faced with using a handgun on a real bad guy. But had seen all the spine-tingling Client Eastwood "Dirty Harry" movies, and, of course, the Charles Bronson, "Death Wish" movies. My friend, like 85 percent of the current adult population in the United States, had been inured through the years of his youth to consider violence and morbidity thoroughly entertaining, and as American as cherry pie. I'll wager that 80 percent of the American parents who buy movie tickets to see "The Lone Ranger" will also buy tickets for their young children, because, currently, most American parents under 45 years of age, with small children, have cut their teeth on the graphic violence and immorality prominently portrayed in the movies and television shows made, and shown, during the 1980s, '90s, and during the first decade of the 21st Century. For some obtuse reason, they see nothing wrong with them. I might be in a minority of reviewers when I say that "The Lone Ranger" should have been rated "R," instead of PG-13, but the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" could have been made without one foul word, or without showing nudity, and it would have still would have been a purely "R or X" rated movie. There are certain things that still blatantly offend the minds of all prudent men and women. When U. S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart made his infamous statement about obscenity and pornography, "that he would need to see it to know it as such," he, then and there, offered a pernicious license to film makers and pornographers to produce the most violent and morbid films and magazines for the American viewing public to watch and read, in order to make their own individual determinations about their pornographic and obscene content.

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