He's even come to the carnival in his Lone Ranger costume. He asks Tonto how he came to be a mannequin in a traveling circus. Tonto begins the story. Tonto takes us back well before the bank robbery, when he sat shackled, in a train car next to the notorious, hair lipped, cannibal outlaw Butch Cavendish William Fichtner. Cavendish is due to be executed at the next stop on the line, and the federal marshals accompanying them both are there to ensure it. A few cars back the young, college educated district attorney John Reid Armie Hammer, again sits in a train car full of protestant missionaries, singing church hymns. When asked if he's a God fearing man, John retorts that he is a law fearing man. Back in the prisoners' car, Tonto watches as Butch slowly peels a wooden plank out of the train car's floor, revealing a hidden compartment and a revolver within it. He pockets the revolver, when the officers' backs are turned, and asks them both if he can get up to use the bathroom. They unchain him and lead him to a chamber pot in the corner of the car. With Butch's back turned, Tonto gestures to the lawmen: "Butch has a gun".

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