CastJohnny Depp takes on the role of Tonto and delivers beautifully. Just as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates series, Depp is serious but offers just enough light-hearted comedy to have fans rolling in their seats. The main character, John Reid a. k. a. the Lone Ranger, is played by up-and-comer Armie Hammer. Hammer is best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Tom Wilkinson, who played Ben Franklin in John Adams, plays Latham Cole while William Fichtner is Butch Cavendish and Helena Bonham Carter plays Red Harrington. SummaryThe movie is Tonto's recollection of how John Reid came to be the Lone Ranger. John Reid returns home from the city vowing Texas to be his home. The film begins with Reid being deputized as a Texas Ranger joining his brother in bringing order to the Old West.

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