When asked if he's a God fearing man, John retorts that he is a law fearing man. Back in the prisoners' car, Tonto watches as Butch slowly peels a wooden plank out of the train car's floor, revealing a hidden compartment and a revolver within it. He pockets the revolver, when the officers' backs are turned, and asks them both if he can get up to use the bathroom. They unchain him and lead him to a chamber pot in the corner of the car. With Butch's back turned, Tonto gestures to the lawmen: "Butch has a gun". It's too late. Butch shoots and kills them both. Butch's gang of outlaws appears on the horizon and catches up with the train. They board the train, rob its occupants, and kill the engineers before locking the train at full speed. John, overhearing gunshots and footsteps above, gets out of his seat to investigate. He breaks into the prisoner car where he finds Tonto and Butch about to kill one another.

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