Seconds later Cole draws a gun on John, but John is too fast. John holds Cole at gunpoint and walks him into the neighboring car where he finds Butch relaxing, without constraint. Within moments, guns are drawn by John, Cole, and Danny, who had wrestled a gun away from Cole's man. Cole attempts to convince Danny that John killed Danny's father, but his lie is transparent. Captain Fuller walks into the commotion, and is convinced by Cole that John is the bad guy. John is arrested and taken to another car. Cole takes his train back to the silver mine. There Butch shows him, and Captain Fuller, three massive covered train cars over flowing with silver. John is blind folded and placed in front of a firing squad, at the command of Captain Fuller. Butch's men order all the migrant workers out of the mine, so the train can pass through. A single migrant saunters out of the mine, holding a cage with a dead bird inside.

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