George Trendle was a lawyer who specialized in movie and theatrical contracts. As with any lawyer, he was never short of money. However, he would often be a key negotiator in some big money deals which must have left him wondering if he was on the right side of the fence. His chance to jump came in 1928 when John King offered Trendle a 25% stake in his Kunsky Theaters company. King wanted Trendle on board for a good reason. He knew that Trendle was a hard, ruthless and obstinate negotiator and King was looking for a buyer for this business. And so it was, a year after Trendle's arrival, that Kunsky Theaters was sold for a cool $6 million. This made George Trendle a millionaire at the age of 44 at a time when a millionaire was a rarity. Both John King and George Trendle had been witness to - and had become rich because of - the great popularity of movies. They must also have been aware of the rise of their greatest competitor for audience - the radio. They therefore continued their association by forming King-Trendle Broadcasting and purchased radio stations WOOD and WGHP in 1930.

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