As George Seaton, he would go on to a career in Hollywood as a screenwriter director producer, winning two Academy Awards for his screenplays along the way. Stenius was replaced by actor Jack Deeds, who lasted only a few days before being dismissed as ill suited for the job. James Jewell, the station�s dramatic director, filled in for one performance before hiring Earle Graser, who took over as the Lone Ranger on 18 April 1933. Although that last point might seem a rather fanciful one, it was nonetheless very real. Despite being the voice behind what Time magazine called �the most adored character ever to be created on the U. S. Cavalry?And what about the all the other U. S. Marshals working in the Indian Territory?Like Bill Tilghman?This is ridiculous. The Lone Ranger was a fictional character with no evidence to the contrary!� Perhaps not surprisingly, many aspects of his life were written out of the story, including his ethnicity. � That�s because there�s no connection between U.

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