That share became the pivotal point of the whole call. The solution Michael offered was simple and obvious: "Involve other people! You change the way you show up when other people are involved. "Well, of course! When we make promises to other people that we will keep an intention or promise we set for ourselves, we do not want to disappoint them and are more apt to do what we say we will do. It keeps our integrity and trustworthiness intact. So how does this work? Choose business building relationships that fully support you, yet keep you accountable. Here are three that work well:1. ) Create or join a mastermind group that meets regularly by teleconference or in person to support each other in achieving goals, brainstorming new ideas, sharing resources, and holding each other accountable. Keep the size of the group small so that every person gets a chance to be heard. Very powerful stuff. 2. ) If you want something focused on your business, then consider inviting people to join your R & D team (research & development).

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