As a bored little boy winds his way through an American West exhibit he stumbles onto an aged Tonto, who begins recounting the trials and tribulations the duo encountered. In the process, a new origin story plays out amidst train derailments, explosions, and shootouts. Fans of the 1930s radio show and the popular TV show of the 1960s may not enjoy Disney's take on their strapping hero. The Lone Ranger made famous in the past has been replaced with a somewhat absent-minded - though kind-hearted - figure. It should be remembered that this is Tonto's retelling, which explains why Depp's character often seems to take center stage. "The Lone Ranger" is more than just an action film. There is so much happening, so many conflicts thrown into the plot, and so many big moments that it would be easy to be overwhelmed. The film - spanning a whopping 149 minutes - jumps quickly from one situation to another, which makes it anything but boring. However, viewers may struggle with Verbinski's rapid change of scenes and movement from drama to comedy to hardcore action movie. "The Lone Ranger" is a craftily woven story that forces viewers to actually think about what they're watching, if only at random moments. Not only is it complex, but the movie is also funny.

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