Oh, you thought you were going to be useful, Ruth Wilson?No, even the heroes get to victimize you. And Helena Bonham Carter, looking like she got lost on her way to a Tim Burton joint, seems to exude an air of authority until you realize that every one of her scenes could have been cut with no impact on the story whatsoever. She�s there because The Lone Ranger needed to visit a brothel because westerns have scenes in brothels, damn it, that is all. Gore Verbinski, who quite possibly went mad around the time of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World�s End�s psycho opening crab sequence, seems to be rebelling against the very concept of a feel good family epic, opening his film in a museum that hires Native Americans as statues, probably unaware that at least one of them is really an American hero and probably not caring much if they knew. From there the film goes back in time to an age when conversations took forever, perspectives were forced and action sequences kicked in and lasted at least ten minutes before we found out who any of the characters actually were and therefore had any reason to care if they lived or died. The movie is briefly triumphant at the end, when The Lone Ranger rears up on his horse and The William Tell Overture kicks in, only to never end, playing for so long over an elaborate train gag that both the film and the temporarily glorious score turn monotonous. This is an overconceptualization of a tiny concept, apologetic for its old school appeal and terrified that audiences might not take it seriously. The Lone Ranger is a dashing, heroic, moral figure and Armie Hammer plays him that way, never saving the movie from itself but saving face at least in the middle of a movie that has no interest in its title character except as the brunt of jokes. One of the most well known group of superheroes in the comic world is the Justice Society of America. The comic's initial storyline was the gathering of superheroes to protect U. S.

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