Cole's train, along with the silver, flies off the tracks, into the water below. Cole is subsequently buried by his silver, and dies in watery grave. The train, which Tonto and John were riding, along with dozens of innocent bystanders, barely comes to a stop before plunging off the destroyed bridge. Back at Promontory Point, Habberman and the crowd applauds for John for saving the day and killing Cole. Habberman tries to convince John to give up his outlaw ways, lose the mask, and reveal his true identity to the people. John refuses and takes off on his horse. He eventually meets Tonto in a manner similar to where they were at the start of the film: sitting on a bluff, overlooking the valley beneath them. In a moment of levity, John tells Tonto that he's decided to name the white horse "Silver", which is appropriate considering the adventure they just had. Tonto likes the name but tells John, very seriously, to never repeat the phrase "Hi Ho!Silver Away!" The two take off on another adventure. In January 2007, The Weinstein Company and its home video division Genius Products planned to partner with the UK based Entertainment Rights on a deal for home video, digital and video game distribution of properties from Classic Media, which Entertainment Rights had just announced a deal to acquire. Under the plan, Genius would distribute six to 12 Entertainment Rights / Classic Media properties annually on home media.

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